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Adventuring Outside Verona

“Banishment?! Be merciful say death! For there is no life beyond Verona’s walls”


For me, pursuing a career in music is venturing Outside Verona. We can all get comfortable in our lives, routines and beliefs, shrinking our worldview. Before you know it, life beyond our personal Verona is cloaked in shadow. For the unknown is rich with dragons, hardship and death. It’s safe inside the walls of the predictable, however mundane it may be.

Inside Verona’s walls I live a truly blessed life. Yet there is a deep, rich curiosity I cannot shake when I peer through the gate toward a horizon I have not yet seen. There is no doubt risk, and I may very well be swallowed by whatever lurks. Then again, could not a life robust with feigned ignorance and self-denial consume me from within?

I’ll pack light, bringing only my guitar and life’s lessons, and leave before dawn.

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